tg群( syndicate threatening to sell job scam victim\u2019s organs

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,A 39-year-old Malaysian named Tay Poh Chai is being held against his will in Cambodia by his employer who has threatened to sell his organs as reimbursement for 'mistakes' on the job. – EPA pic, June 14, 2022.

UNABLE to resist an enticing monthly salary of RM8,000 to RM9,000 in the online gambling industry, Tay Poh Chai, 39, headed off to Cambodia in December. 

According to his mother, Khor Cha Bo, 68, his friend had suggested it but the family strongly advised him against going. 

Now she is pleading for the government, particularly the Foreign Ministry, and police to rescue Tay and bring him back home because his employer says he is not performing up to expectation and has to pay a compensation to be released or, failing that, his organs will be sold. 

“My son worked as a part-time electrician here. He was invited to go to Cambodia by his friend because the salary was good. But I and other family members told him not to go. Yet he stubbornly went because he said his income would be more and he could save money. 

“While there, we were in touch a few times and he said that everything was okay … until May 28 when he contacted us via WeChat and asked for help to pay US$15,000 (more than RM66,000) to his employer who didn’t think he was suited for the job anymore. 

“The employer threatened to sell my son’s organs if we failed to reimburse them. We are very worried and scared for him. That’s why we’re asking the government and authorities for help to save him,” said Khor at a press conference arranged by Bukit Mertajam MP Steven Sim today. 

She said her son told her he was sacked and the little money he has left is used to buy food. He also said he is being detained in a heavily guarded place. 

“Poh Chai said his employer often cut his pay because they claimed he was making mistakes. So his pay was *** all,” said Khor. 

Tay’s brother, Poh Heng, a fried beehoon seller, said his younger brother was tortured using electric shocks and that there are many other Malaysians there in the same situation. 

Sim said he contacted the Foreign Minister’s office as soon as he received this information from the victim’s family yesterday. 

“I’ve given them all the information they need and the Foreign Minister’s office said it has contacted the embassy in Cambodia to help the Malaysian victims. 

“My only advice to people is to check with authorities before they accept a job overseas to avoid becoming a victim of such a syndicate,” said Sim. 

In April, 12 Malaysians who were falsely promised lucrative jobs as customer service officers in Cambodia were rescued with the allied help of Malaysian and Cambodian police, Asean Chiefs of Police, and Wi *** a Putra. – Bernama, June 14, 2022.

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